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At Future Perfect, we create ebusiness initiatives through a process of invention/reinvention.

  • Marketing is our mindset, but we're not an advertising agency.
  • Technology is our toolbox, but we're not an IT company.
  • Strategy is our syntax, but we're not corporate strategists.

    But we do all of these things so as to ensure the success of every project.

    Our core skills are understanding business goals, the needs of customers, and how to use technology tools and marketing methods to communicate with them and make them happy.

    We start with a market focused business strategy and then build a technology strategy to suit. (This is otherwise called "getting the horse before the cart". We recommend it.)

    But first we try and get a feel for the system we are dealing with before we try and change it.

    We are solutions-driven, being mostly concerned with the results of what we do - and doing it well, and quickly.

    We endeavor to design solutions that will work now in the current low-bandwidth, low computer penetration environment, and provide a scalable platform for the future.

    We favour open source applications and open standards for integration - but we'll use what ever is best for the task.

    We develop quick-to-implement solutions that deliver demonstrable benefits quickly.

    We understand that nothing worthwhile gets done without the collaborative input of us as service provider, and the client as customer: we have to be co-creators of the result.

    We don't try and change the world - just our client's role in it. This often means lots of small steps - each one with an (almost) certain outcome, that add up to quite a lot.

    We commit to each challenge as a project, and measure the achievement of its goals by the delight of the client.

    We are deliberately unorganised, flexible and willing. We are also honest, and won't over-extend your resources and aspirations (or ours).

    We are time-travellers - sometimes we look back to see what went wrong, but mostly we look forward to see what might happen if …

    Our strategic weapons are common sense, elegant simplicity, and pride in what we do.

    We are engineers of opportunity. Yours.

    We are not perfect. Yet. Home, Philosophy, People, Services, Clients

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